Toppl Over Your Pup’s Boredom

As pet parents, we understand that life can be hard for our dogs. We shower them with love and attention as much as we can, but sometimes the pups have to be on their own. When we leave them to their own devices, they just miss us so much that the corner of the couch starts looking super delicious!

If you’ve been in our store with this problem, chances are we’ve introduced you to THIS bad boy! The Toppl is the answer for the bored dog struggle, and it’s made by one of our favorite companies–West Paw, out of Bozeman, Montana. That’s right, the good ol’ U.S. of A!

If you have to crate your dog during the day, this is a great product. If your dog has tons of extra energy, this is a great way to distract and entertain them. We would recommend this product to anyone with a dog. They are strong and there are so many fun ways to use them.

The flexible fingers inside of the Toppl allow you to insert your pups favorite treats to keep them happy and, maybe more importantly, busy. But we got creative and found better ways to utilize the Toppl.

We fill our Toppls with a variety of goodies, from fat-free greek yogurt to canned pumpkin or sweet potato. Sometimes a canned food works great as a substitute for their usual meal. Some of our customers even puree their own recipes to fill their Toppls! Then we stick ‘em in the freezer for at least a couple of hours and BOOM you have doggie ice-cream!

On a personal note, this is one of our favorite products in our store and in our home. We actually have 12 Toppls in our freezer right now…you read that right, 12! Our four shelties LOVE their ice-cream Toppl treats! We use them if we need some down time at home, if we have friends over, if we need to leave them at home by themselves, and even for a fun treat just because they’ve been good.

This durable and long lasting toy is made of recycled material. It’s also latex-, BPA- and phthalate-free and is FDA compliant. That means, if we really wanted to, you and I could eat from it and be perfectly safe…not that we would, but what’s good for you and me is surely good for our furry friends.

Luckily, West Paw also knows that one size does not fit all when it comes to our dogs. They’ve made the Toppl in two sizes–small and large–so whether you have a sweet little sheltie (or four!) like us, or a larger breed such as a lab or shepherd, you’re going to be able the find the right option for your pupper. It also comes in three colors: tangerine, aqua blue, and granny smith (like the apple, but not!)

For those super clever furry friends out there, you can actually interlock two Toppls together, one large and one small, to create an even more challenging toy that is sure to keep your dog entertained while you and the family kick back to watch a movie.

Just like all other toys from West Paw, the Toppl is designed to withstand some serious play from our four-legged friends. It’s crazy durable and should last when put to the test by even the toughest chewers. Maybe the best feature of the Toppl is its guarantee. West Paw has always stood behind their products and the Toppl is no different. West Paw will replace your Toppl if you find out it’s not quite up to snuff.

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