Food Intolerance Study

FREE intolerance testing + food matching for the first 50 signups!

Does your dog…

…itch or lick their paws frequently?
Is your dog losing hair or have hot-spots throughout their body?
Have you ever thought your dog’s food could be the culprit?

Just Dog People wants to help!

Just Dog People wants to help you find out what dog food ingredients and environmental issues your dog may be sensitive to! The first 50 people to sign up will receive their test and results for FREE.

In order to participate in this mock-study, participants must:

  • Conduct a pre-test interview with Jason and Katie on video in the store
  • Conduct a post-test interview once results and advice has been distributed (on video)
  • Provide a $50 deposit. This is to ensure completion of the study, and will be refunded in the form of a JDP gift card.

What You Will Receive

  • At the conclusion of your dog’s testing process, you will receive your dog’s intolerance test results (provided by Affordable Testing)
  • You will receive a list of dog foods that ’should’ be more acceptable for your dog (given their possible intolerances)
  • You will receive a list of dog treats that ’should’ be more acceptable for your dog (given their possible intolerances)
  • Once our new Just Dog Wellness tool – for exploring your dog’s predicted acceptable foods/treats – is complete, you will receive access to your own portal on the site.


The science behind intolerance testing is not 100% accurate and is not endorsed as an allergy or intolerance remedy by many veterinarians. The purpose of this test is to help avoid possible intolerances that could be upsetting your dog. Using these test results as a guide can help with a proper elimination diet and can help shorten the time it takes to find what may be causing your dog discomfort.

Fine Print

  • One dog per household.
  • Participants must deposit $50 with Just Dog People. 100% of your deposit will be returned in the form of a JDP gift card upon completion of both interviews with Jason and Katie.
  • Must be local to the Garner area, as interviews will be held in-store.
  • The purpose of this mock-study is to find out the efficacy of the intolerance testing, as well as help Just Dog People develop a protocol to help dog owners discover and avoid what could be causing their dog discomfort.
  • Participants agree that their likeness (photo, video) and words (Interview) can be used by Just Dog People and Just Dog Wellness Services in future advertising and media purposes (Facebook, Instagram,, etc)
  • Participants MUST complete both interviews to receive their $50 deposit back (in the form of a JDP gift card)
    This service is valued at almost $300.

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