Ruffwear Goes There with the Front Range Harness

Hello there, Katie from Just Dog People here again! It seems like every day someone comes into the store to have their dog fitted for a harness at Just Dog People. Many people like the fact that harnesses offer a ton of control without the choking. We often end up in front of one of my favorite harnesses on the market: the Front Range Harness by Ruffwear.

Ruffwear as a company likes to focus their products around helping dog people have better, more enjoyable experiences outdoors with their dogs. That means they develop their pet gear to be durable, safe, and practical for outdoor adventures! Which could be anything from a walk around the neighborhood to an eight-mile hike at the park–anything outside with their favorite people is an adventure to your dogs!

Ruffwear makes several styles of harnesses, but the one I want to focus on is the Front Range line. This harness comes in six fun, bright colors…it feels like opening a bag of Skittles and tasting the rainbow! With all the choices, I like to color coordinate my girls in their signature colors. And of course we have to pair them with the matching Front Range Leashes!

The Front Range features two leash attachment points: one aluminum V ring on the dog’s back and one reinforced webbing attachment on the front of the chest. The front attachment can be used for additional control and can help discourage pulling on the harness.

The Front Range is a great everyday harness, fully adjustable and nicely padded for additional comfort. It’s actually one of the only harnesses around with four points of adjustment, making it one of the most “well-TAILored” harnesses you can find! There are two adjustments to either side of the neck and two adjustments to each side of the chest.

It comes in five sizes, ranging from XXS through L/XL. So whether you have a tiny dog with a deep chest and thin shoulders or a big dog with broad shoulders and a thick torso, this harness will work great! The four-point fit will also keep even the most skilled Hoodini-dog completely secured. No escape artists on Ruffwear’s watch!

If your dog likes to go on road trips (as a passenger of course) its padded chest plate makes for good chest coverage and load dispersion for seat belt tethering. He’ll be cruising in style and safety as the best co-pilot you could ask for!

There’s also a little secret ID tag compartment tucked away and designed to prevent the annoying ID tag jingle! It’s clearly labeled to indicate “ID” in case your dog gets away, so people know where to find her details. This is great for hiking or going to doggie daycare, where tags can often get broken or lost.

Another safety feature is the reflective trim, so your dog can easily be seen when walking at night.

So for your next outdoor adventure, whether it be to the dog park, a hike, or a car ride to get milkshakes, get your dog outfitted with the Front Range Harness. It’s easy to fit, safe to ride in, durable to stand up to crazy adventures, and fashionable. Because it’s not just about what you do, but how awesome you look doing it! If your dog can go there, Ruffwear goes there too!

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