Rewards Program

We have treats for you, too. Shop JDP and earn rewards!

Being a dog person has its rewards, and so does JDP!

Just Dog People’s Loyalty Program rewards you each time you shop with us, use our Self Serve Dog Wash, take advantage of our Drop & Shop Program, or participate in one of our Training Classes. Rewards include:

  • Free SSDW washes
  • Free treats
  • $25 vouchers with no restrictions
  • Free Nail Trims
  • 10% Discounts on anything in the store
  • BOGO offers
  • … and that’s just the beginning!

We created an aggressive loyalty program because we know you have options, and we want to thank you for allowing Just Dog People to be a part of your dog’s life.  Our loyalty program goes above and beyond the usual ‘Frequent Dog Food Buyer’ programs (which we also have), and allows dog owners to benefit from the various services and products we offer.

We wanted to develop a Rewards Program that would; 1.) Reward you for shopping at Just Dog People 2.) Encompass the many needs that you and your dog have

  1. Shop for your favorite products
  2. Earn points for each purchase
  3. Use points for discounts

Just Dog People’s Reward Program was designed to fit the lifestyle of your dog, and help with his/her Nutrition, Rewards, Play, Grooming, Bathing and  Wellness.

It’s easy, no card to keep, no number to memorize.  Here’s how it works!

  • Each time you check out, a Just Dog People employee will enter your name into our computer and check for waiting, unlocked rewards.
  • At that time, if you have any rewards unlocked, you can choose to use that reward at that moment, or save for a later day
  • Each dollar you spend is worth ‘1 point’
  • Rewards are unlocked at specific milestones, clearly explained in your “Welcome” email, as well as each “Monthly Update” email
  • Milestones occur at 25 points, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200…etc
  • For example: A dog-food purchase of $39.99 (40 points) earns you a half-off dog bath and a free bag of treats!
  • Other rewards include;
    • Free Nail Trims
    • Free Bath
    • 10% Off for a “Member of Your Pack” (a friend)
    • Even a private shopping experience!!