Aggressive Chewers Meet Your Match

Boy do we have a bone to pick with you! 

We’re not talking just any bone, we’re talking BENEBONE! This is serious business guys. One of the most common questions we get asked in the store is

What do you have for a dog that destroys everything?

The truth is, some does are seriously aggressive chewers. They have strong jaws and can work through a bully stick in a matter of hours. And that is no small feat. Those suckers are tough! And while they provide some nutrients that dogs crave, sometimes your dog is just in need of something he can work at for a long time.

Enter Benebone! It comes in three different types of chews: the Wishbone, the Dental Chew, and the Pawplexer. 

  • The Wishbone is named for its obvious wishbone shape and comes in three sizes–Small, Large and Jumbo.
  • The Dental Chew incorporates ridges that are meant to help with tartar in between teeth. It comes in Mini and Regular. 
  • The Pawplexer is perplexing indeed–for your dog anyway! With different ridges on each side that will keep him curious and a cushy middle to insert a variety of goodies, the Pawplexer may become your dog’s favorite! This one comes in Small and Large.

If the Pawplexer has you curious, there are quite a few options for using that cushy inner circle:

  1. Smear a bit of peanut butter to amp up the flavor and reward your dog (trust us, he’ll appreciate it!).
  2. Insert his favorite treat. Even small treats can wedge in between the spokes to encourage your dog to use his tongue to work them out.
  3. Insert a bully stick! This will create a whole new dimension to the toy with an awkward X-shape your dog will have to work around. This will keep him occupied and interested for a while, and it helps the bully stick last longer too!

Made in America, these tough and tasty nylon bones are perfect for almost any chewer. Each Benebone has a recommended weight restriction and lists the durability for up to a certain weight class. For example, the Jumbo Wishbone is recommended for the rough and tough chewers who weigh up to 100 pounds. If you feel like your dog is an unusually strong chewer for his size and you’re unsure which size Benebone to get, I would err on the side of caution and choose one size larger than the weight class listed. This will ensure that your dog is unlikely to risk injury by breaking off any small pieces.

Also, Benebone stands behind their products. If your dog is able to wear down the product within a few hours to a couple of days, email the Benebone company directly and they’ll issue a refund. It’s always nice when a company backs up the quality of their products with great service like that! 

Caution: with any new chew toy, keep an eye on your dog when you first introduce it. If it doesn’t seem durable enough, distract your dog and remove the chew if necessary.

There are other nylon-based chew bones on the market very similar to the Benebone. And while the others are wonderful and very useful for many dogs and different types of chewers, we’ve personally noticed that the Benebones seem to be even more durable. While Benebones can be used by aggressive and mild chewers alike, we would recommend that you keep them away from young puppies until they have their adult teeth. We can show you some better chewing options for your puppies–just come say hi to us in the store.

BUT, your dog is NOT going to care about any of those things–his favorite part will be the flavor! All three Benebone options come infused with REAL Peanut Butter, Bacon, or Chicken flavor! Dog moms: don’t worry; our customers tell us that the flavoring doesn’t stain the carpets. But if you’re skeptical, just keep your Benebone away from light colored carpet and clothing.  

While there is no such thing as an indestructible toy (unless you consider a cinder block a toy [which we do have and sell for $4.99, lol]), the Benebone is one of three or four products in our store that we recommend for aggressive chewers. 

Check out our video, “5 Chews for Aggressive Chewers” on our FB page or YouTube Channel for more information.

 To learn more about the Benebone products, come see us at Just Dog People. Be sure to bring your dog so they can pick out their favorite flavor!


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