We’re Just Dog People

We take pride in giving you a better experience than you expect.

We’re sharing what we love.

Just Dog People is the result of Katie and Jason’s desire to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life—obviously with our dogs by our side.

After selling the kennel and taking some time off to plan our future, we saw an opportunity to service our community and took it. The rough ‘outline’ of Just Dog People was born in October of 2015. We knew we were going to open a pet store, but we wanted to do it in a way that best fit our personalities. The store would be clean, and well lit. Organized and absent of the usual ‘pet store smell’. We would cater to dogs and their people (hence our tagline: A specialty store for dogs and their people). The experience for the customer would be ‘unexpected’ and pleasant. Our employees would be educated, engaging and helpful.

By December of 2015, we committed ourselves to combining a Self-Serve Dog Wash into our store, and in January of 2016 we found our location. Once the location was set, we found that we could also offer full service grooming.

We came up with our name, Just Dog People, merely by accident on February 1, 2016. We were sitting down brainstorming the outline of our business, when Katie mentioned something along the lines of us being…just dog people. BAM! It was born. The name is somewhat odd, we know, but it also best describes us. Anyone who loves their dogs like we do, and trust me there are plenty, can relate to being, just a dog person!


To call Katie a dog person is an understatement.

From the time she was a little girl, dogs have always been her passion. So by following her passion, she got her first job in high school working at a dog kennel, following it up with being a dog food demonstrator during college.

After studying at Appalachian State University, she realized her focus in Advertising took her away from what she loved, so she went to Atlanta and apprenticed with Comprehensive Pet Therapy and learned how to train dogs.

In 2004, she moved the Garner area and opened Bone Voyage, a well-known dog boarding, training and daycare facility. After 11 great years, Katie sold the business in 2015, setting her sights on what would be next!


Jason has always been a dog person, but married into the “obsessive about dogs lifestyle”!

After serving in the United States Navy, Jason entered the corporate world where he has been in business development and sales and marketing for the past 20 years. Starting and running several businesses on his own, he has always been an entrepreneur at heart.

After years of unfulfilling corporate work, he was ready to roll up his sleeves, grow a beard and trade in the tie for the “dog fur is part of my outfit” look.

Just Dog People is a result of the combined efforts of Jason’s expertise in the business and marketing field and Katie’s knowledge of the pet industry and their owners. It’s a store where being called a crazy dog person is a good thing, and other people understand your need to provide and care for your fur kids!



Zoe is a sable Sheltie and our eldest fur kid. She is affectionately called “Stuffie” based on her amazing ability to impersonate a stuffed animal as she lays about the house. Whether she’s stuff’n in bed, on the couch, or in your lap – one thing is for sure; she is always in the most comfortable spot available!

Zoe’s favorite thing to do, first and foremost, is to ‘stuff’. She enjoys long naps, going for car rides, and barking at every noise around the house.

Zoe is often used during training classes for demo and is extra enthusiastic when doing agility! She is the matriarch of our little pack and she helps keep her younger sisters in line.

Zoe’s favorite Just Dog People products are…

  • K9 Julius Harness (For agility)
  • PetMate Nuzzle Lounger Bed
  • Plato Treats



Olive is a tri-colored Sheltie born on Cinco-de-Mayo (which certainly explains her spiciness). She is our sweet-natured middle fur child. Olive is the peacemaker of our family, always wanting everyone to be happy.

Olive’s pet name (pun intended) is Noodles, although she has numerous aliases including, Ninji, Ninny-Muggins and Noodles Anne.

Olive’s favorite pastime is playing Ping-Pong! Make sure you NEVER say those words within ear-shot of her! She’s even taught her younger sister Bea, to ‘herd’ the Ping-Pong ball.

If Olive isn’t playing pong, she’s probably trying to figure out a way to get food. She is very talkative and extremely demanding if she feels like too much time has passed since her last treat!

When you come to the store, Olive will most likely lead you to the treat section for her preferences. Olive’s favorite Just Dog People products are…

  • Her ‘Up Country’ collar collection
  • Darford Bulk Biscuits
  • Her West Paw Toppl


Bea is our smallest Sheltie girl. She is a bi-black Sheltie and was the runt of 7. She weighs-in at just 14 pounds soaking wet!

Don’t underestimate her though; this little sprite packs a punch! We often call her the “best third dog” because she is easy going and fits in well with the two other girls. She’s always ready for a hard play session with Olive but will also snuggle up and “stuff” with Zoe.


We often call her ‘Me Too’ because she is happy to do what the big girls are doing.

Bea is the eternal optimist. She wakes up with a smile on her face and looks forward to what each day brings…after all, to her it’s a BIG world out there!

Bea loves to play with toys, especially keep-away from Olive. She’s the one that empties the toy basket each day on the hunt for ‘just the right toy’. She is very knowledgeable about toys, and her favorite Just Dog People products are…

  • Bully Springs
  • ‘Hear Doggy’ Flamingo
  • Red Barn Sweet Potato treats



Veda is the youngest of our pack. She is a bi-blue Sheltie girl with an old-soul.  She is sweet by nature, and quick to ensure her people and her sisters are happy.  Veda is also the star of our little video series, The Veda Project.  Feel free to follow along as we hope to capture her experiences as she grows up. (Link to YT Playlist)

Veda enjoys being chased around the house and yard by Bea, and loves to chew on cow ears and rope toys.

Veda’s favorite things in the store are:  Hear Doggy Mini Animals, her Christmas Sloth, Split Antlers and her red Kurgo Jacket.