The Toppl by West Paw

Does your dog destroy shoes, window blinds and cabinet corners while you’re away at work? The Toppl may be just want you need!

The Toppl, designed by West Paw, is one of our favorite dog chew toys both in our store and in our home. As one of the many options from their Zygoflex line of toys, this one is special.

The Toppl isn’t just another tough dog chew, it’s also a fun interactive treat too. We fill our Toppls with a variety of different recipes and then throw them in the freezer for later use. Once frozen, the Toppl is sure to keep your dog’s attention.

If you have to crate your dog during the day, this is a great toy.

If your dog has TONS of extra energy, this is a great way to distract and entertain them.

Move over Kong—here comes the Toppl!

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