Self Serve Dog Wash

Wash your dog at an elevated tub, and leave the mess for us!

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‘Ouch, my back!’

If you’ve ever washed your dog at the bathtub, we know you’ve said those words before. Washing your dog at home means a hurt back, sore knees and a bathtub not suitable for human use once it’s all said and done.

Just Dog People takes the ‘ouch’ out of washing your dog. Our 5 bay Self-Serve Dog Wash allows you to wash your dog at an elevated tub, and leave the mess for us. It’s that simple!

Dog Wash Stations

Each Self-Serve Dog Wash station is equipped with:

  • An elevated tub
  • Bath-Master™ washing system
  • Choice of shampoo and conditioner
  • Apron for mom and dad to stay dry
  • Towels
  • Nail clippers
  • Brushes
  • *Drying room for long-hair dogs

For large dogs, each tub has a pullout ramp for easy access, and smaller dogs will benefit from the adjustable floor height.

The Bath-Master™ washing system precisely dilutes shampoos and conditioners for fast, efficient bathing. A special non-recirculation system ensures fresh, clean water and product mixture every time!

The Precision pressure pattern nozzle is ideal for thorough washing and fast rinsing.

Aprons are available to keep you dry, and additional brushes, towels and nail clippers are available for use as well. Not confident in cutting your dog’s nails? Don’t worry, we’re there to help, just ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Self-Serve Dog Wash Fundraising Events

Just Dog People makes it a point to remain active within our local communities. One way we can give back and help local causes is to host Self-Serve Dog Wash fundraising events.

Schools, pet rescues, police, paramedic, fire/rescue groups, and youth sports teams are just a few groups that can benefit from these fun-fundraisers.

Dog owners love the simplicity of Self-Serve Dog Washes, and allowing them to wash their dogs AND help a worthy cause is beneficial to everyone. Contact us to find out how our Self-Serve Dog Wash can help your group!

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