If you have three little Shelties running around your house like we do, then you probably have a lot of fur around your house as well.

In your carpet, on your couch, all over your clothes and in your car.

We know…we’ve been there!

If you have a double coated dog, or a dog with lots of undercoat…let me introduce you to the Safari Shed Magic De-Shedding Tool.

This may very well be the best dog de-shedding tool out there!

This amazing little device is about to become, your new best friend…well, more like second best friend.

The Shed Magic is ideal for dogs with medium to long hair, especially dogs with undercoat and double coated breeds like Shepherd, Huskies, and even Shih Tzus.

The Shed Magic comes in three sizes, small medium and large, and comes in medium to long coat, and short coat versions.

Oh, and best of all…it’s JDP GREEN

The comfortable grip keeps your hands from cramping and the Stainless Steel blades GLIDE through the hair as it gently cuts the furry undercoat out of your dog’s coat.

Don’t worry—the blades won’t hurt you or your dog

Unlike a similar product whos name may-or may not rhyme with “Terminator”, the Safari Shed Magic’s blades , and the length of those blades, allow you to cut the undercoat gently, as opposed to pulling out the top coat.

Oh, by the way…this guy costs half as much as that other product.

There are also some long term benefits you should know as well.

Regular combing, brushing and de-shedding helps bring out the natural oils in your pet’s coat which leads to that natural healthy shine.

Not only that, but the action of brushing or de shedding helps remove dander from the surface of the skin.

This will help stimulate the skin and increase blood flow to that area.

If your dog has a long coat– knots and tangles can tug on the skin as he moves…this can be painful for your best friend.

You can use the Shed Magic to cut out some of those tangles and knots.

Here’s another tip:

Begin using the Shed Magic as soon as your puppy comes home.

This is a great time to desensitize your dog and get them used to brushing and de shedding, among other things.

Just sit down on the floor, lay your puppy on her side, and brush through her undercoat while you the two of you bond.

If you’d like to see how the Shed Magic works on your dog, come see us at Just Dog People. We have a Shed-Magic in each of our 5 self-serve dog wash bays so you can try it out before you take it home!

On a personal note, we’ve had the same Shed Magic for several years. We brush out our 3 Shelties twice a month and the blades are just as sharp as ever.

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