Needed Puppy Supplies for Veda’s Arrival

New puppy! That’s right, we’re bringing home a new puppy.

Her name is Veda (remember the movie ‘My Girl’?) and she is a bi-blue Sheltie puppy!

We are Just Dog People after all, right?

Before we leave to pick up our new puppy, there are some items we should probably pick up from the store.

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting experience. Who doesn’t enjoy a little ball of fur running around the house.

You know…doing all those cutsie things!?!?

With all of that excitement, it’s easy to overlook some new puppy supplies that would help not only welcome your new puppy into the family, but also prepare you for the various scenarios you are sure to encounter with your new puppy.

We don’t really talk about “Must Haves” vs “Like to Haves” in this video, but we’ll cover that in greater depth in a future video.

*Link will be here–check back soon.

It’s time to go puppy shopping!

This is a fun video of Katie skipping around the store picking out some her favorite puppy supplies.  She’s like a kid in a candy store 🙂

Katie picks out a new puppy collar and leash.  Of course, they must match…right!?!?

We pick out some puppy food as we begin to transition Veda from the food she was fed while with the breeder, to the same raw diet we feed our other three Shelties.

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