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  • Have you ever wondered what food would be best for your dog?
  • Is your dog a picky eater? Or maybe they don’t want to eat at all?
  • Does your dog have itchy/dry skin?
  • Do you notice that your dog is constantly chewing itself?

Pet nutrition and awareness is on the rise. There are more opportunities than ever to feed your dog a more nutritious and healthy diet, and it doesn’t have to break the bank! In fact, many dog owners notice that with the proper diet, their vet visits are less frequent and serving sizes are smaller (less food in = less $$ out) due to higher amounts of meat/protein, and less filler (carbohydrates).

We’ve seen first-hand what a healthy diet can do for a dog. Conversely, we’ve seen what a terrible diet can do –to- a dog as well.

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There’s no charge, we’re happy to help and we’ll take the journey with you. We’ve seen what a healthy diet can do for a dog and we want you to see the difference too!

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Top Signs that your dog may have a food allergy:

  • Frequent vomiting or diarrhea
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Watery Eyes
  • Itchy skin, dry/flakey skin
  • Non-stop scratching at his ears, paws, face, and back that drive you crazy
  • Reluctance to eat their food

Your dog’s “environmental allergies” may be food allergies if…

  • Itching is centralized to feet and belly only
  • Itching is sporadic, especially in between baths

Common owner habits that lend to picky eaters:

  • Free feeding (leaving food out all day)
  • Regular feeding of table scraps
  • Cooking for your dog
  • Switching your dog’s food frequently
  • “Topping” food with various and ever-changing ingredients
  • Feeding a ‘step up’ in the food pyramid, and then trying to ‘step down’