Customer Service

We take pride in giving you a better experience than you expect.

Every business in existence ‘says’ they focus on customer service. It’s usually worded in a cold and carefully planned mission statement that sounds something like, “At ABC, inc, our focus is the customer…blah, blah blah”.

At Just Dog People, we actually built our business around the singular concept of providing “Superior Customer Experiences” to each and every one of our beloved and valued customers.

We train our team on the importance of this concept, point out examples of the concept in-play on a daily basis, work with each other to build upon the concept, and are always exploring opportunities to improve and execute Superior Customer Experiences for the people who walk through our doors each day.

It’s not a secret…brick and mortar stores are nearly a thing of the past. But we don’t believe that the Internet destroyed brick and mortar by itself–Oh no…brick and mortar stores have hurt themselves more than anything.

Poor service

It almost doesn’t even need to be said… poor customer service is the norm in today’s commercial/retail world. Barely a day goes by that most of us don’t find ourselves in a situation where we are frustrated with the level of service, or lack thereof. We often feel impotent and lost, sometimes even ‘screwed’ or ripped-off as we engage in even the most simply of life’s activities.

The fast food drive thru gives you the wrong food (pretty normal) and then they 1-up their poor service by giving you attitude when you ask them to fix your order.

The phone, Internet, cable company–who doesn’t feel angry when dealing with these companies. Their layers and layers of middle-management are designed to do nothing more than keep you caught up in loosing battle of patience as you desperately fight to have your voice heard.

The department stores that used to be your go-to shopping heaven– You’re lucky to even find someone to help you anymore–enough said!

Rude or Non-Interested Employees

So many brick-and-mortar associates are bored and disengaged today. Often they seem more interested in checking their phones or speaking to other associates than giving you even a smile. Think about it; How often do you go through an entire check-out without even so much as a glance from the cashier? How does it make you feel when you want to purchase a product, but the associate doesn’t know anything about the product–or worse yet, they don’t even care to help you at all?

Inferior Employee Knowledge or Lack of Staff

As many companies forgo their focus on their brick and mortar businesses, and put more money/time/energy into their online presence, it’s only natural that they deploy less resources to their stores.

Many companies are ‘dealing’ with their lack of walk in store traffic by under-staffing their existing locations. Not only that, instead of hiring capable people and offering a suitable income that will attract and keep those capable people on-staff, they offer the bare minimum. This only attracts people willing to accept the lowest hourly wage–ultimately resulting in a staff that only gives the lowest hourly effort.

Outdated and/or unkempt facilities

It’s not too hard to understand…if businesses pay the lowest wage possible, thus attracting the lowest qualified, least educated and most un-interested workers, resulting in poorly staffed stores, un-educated/un-helpful/un-friendly customer experiences…that business is likely to suffer. And if business suffers, income slows down. And if income slows down, facilities become outdated and dilapidated.

We set out to prove that going back to the basics does wonders in keeping mom and pop, brick and mortar stores alive and well. Engaging, fun, educational and selfless customer focus will NEVER go out of style.

Service is Our Top Priority

At Just Dog People, we have one simple priority:

Give the customer a better experience than they expect.

That means..

  • You’ll receive a warm hello and a smile when you enter our store.
  • You will be thanked upon leaving the store–we appreciate your support always!
  • You’ll never find one of our employees chatting on their phone instead of helping you.
  • We open 5 minutes early, and close 5 minutes late.
  • We break-down, clean and sanitize the self-serve dog wash bays after EVERY use because you and your dog deserve nothing less.
  • If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you… and we won’t charge you shipping or stocking fees.
  • Open bag guarantees on our dog food.  If your dog doesn’t like it, bring it back and we’ll swap it for something else.
  • A rewards program that rewards you for shopping with us. Learn more about our Rewards Program.
  • Your dog receives the same attention from us. After all, without your dog, we have no business!
  • Having access to the owners, Katie and Jason, as well as professionals within the industry. We want to help you and your dog live a healthy and rewarding life!
  • If we mess up, we make it right!