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Sink your canines into our product of the week!

Rock’N Bowl Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

What is a slow feeder dog bowl and how can it help your dog? Slow feeders prevent your dog from gulping down food too fast. When dogs eat their food too fast, they can experience a condition called bloat. Canine bloat or twisted stomach occurs when a dog eats too quickly and gulps down a … Read more

Wooly Snuffly Mat from Paw5

No, this isn’t a floor mat, and it isn’t your accountant’s toupee! This is the Wooly by Paw 5. Just like the Rock’N Bowl, the Wooly is a totally unique feeding and treat-delivery option that your dog is sure to enjoy. The Wooly engages a dog’s powerful sense of smell as they snuffle, snort, and … Read more

Safari Shed Magic

If you have three little Shelties running around your house like we do, then you probably have a lot of fur around your house as well. In your carpet, on your couch, all over your clothes and in your car. We know…we’ve been there! If you have a double coated dog, or a dog with … Read more

Front Range Harness from Ruff Wear

If you’re looking for a tough dog harness that is adjustable, comfortable to for the dog to wear and has some good looks…the Front Range Harness from Ruff Wear may be the best harness for your dog. The Front Range harness has padded chest and back panels for comfort, but also has wide arm /side … Read more

The Toppl by West Paw

Does your dog destroy shoes, window blinds and cabinet corners while you’re away at work? The Toppl may be just want you need! The Toppl, designed by West Paw, is one of our favorite dog chew toys both in our store and in our home. As one of the many options from their Zygoflex line … Read more