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Gluten in Dogs

Introduction Every once in a while, we have a customer ask us if gluten could be an issue for their dog. While occurrences are rare, it is possible for your dog to have a gluten sensitivity. More often than not, however, the reason the customer asks this question is because they’re considering putting their dog … Read more

Dog Itching Remedies

This is article two in a series on itchy dogs. Previously I covered several common reasons why your dog is always itching. Now that we know some possible causes, let’s look more in-depth at the solutions. If you’re curious why your dog won’t stop scratching and looking for remedies, read on! First, let’s remember that … Read more

Just Dog People Store Pictures

We’ve finally put it all together, and here it is.  We present to you the Just Dog People store!  We filled the store with tons of items we thought people would love…from here forward we’ll be adding items that fit what the community wants/needs. Enjoy the pics and we’ll see you soon! -Jason and Katie … Read more

Limited Ingredient Diets

Just like people, our four legged friends can have allergies too. Sometimes pet allergies are seasonal, often they can be allergic to dust, flea bites or even grass (poor puppy!). Still other times, your dog may exhibit allergic reactions to the food that they eat. So what is a dog owner to do? You may … Read more