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Gluten in Dogs

Introduction Every once in a while, we have a customer ask us if gluten could be an issue for their dog. While occurrences are rare, it is possible for your dog to have a gluten sensitivity. More often than not, however, the reason the customer asks this question is because they’re considering putting their dog … Read more

Dog Itching Remedies

This is article two in a series on itchy dogs. Previously I covered several common reasons why your dog is always itching. Now that we know some possible causes, let’s look more in-depth at the solutions. If you’re curious why your dog won’t stop scratching and looking for remedies, read on! First, let’s remember that … Read more

Which Ich: My Dog is Always Itching but Doesn’t Have Fleas!

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve probably at one time or another noticed him itching, chewing on his paws or even rubbing up against a fence or a piece of furniture. While occasional scratching is normal – think how often you scratch your nose! – for some people, their pup’s persistent itching is a … Read more

We have a new addition to our pack!!

Katie and I have been waiting for most of the year to add another member to our pack. Late Sunday evening we received a call that a puppy was available, and after we saw pictures…we were on our way to pick her up! We thought it would be fun to document some of the firsts … Read more

Needed Puppy Supplies for Veda’s Arrival

New puppy! That’s right, we’re bringing home a new puppy. Her name is Veda (remember the movie ‘My Girl’?) and she is a bi-blue Sheltie puppy! We are Just Dog People after all, right? Before we leave to pick up our new puppy, there are some items we should probably pick up from the store. … Read more

Just Dog People Presents: Howl-o-Ween 2016 Costume Contest

We hosted our first Howl-o-Ween party at Just Dog People on October 29th, 2016.  The turnout was great, the costumes were creative, the dogs had fun, and the people enjoyed themselves!   The Howl-o-Ween Costume Contest accompanied  ‘Trick-for-a-Treat”, bobbing for hotdogs, food, drinks and an adoption event. Enjoy some pictures of dogs in their costumes, … Read more

Just Dog People Corgi Meetup-Sunday August 7th

We invited a few Corgi owners to share the morning with us…we didn’t expect 25+ Corgis showing up!  We had a great 2 hours and met some great people–and of course, their Corgi babies! If you have never met a Corgi owner, boy are you missing out. Corgi owners are some of the kindest, most … Read more

Just Dog People Store Pictures

We’ve finally put it all together, and here it is.  We present to you the Just Dog People store!  We filled the store with tons of items we thought people would love…from here forward we’ll be adding items that fit what the community wants/needs. Enjoy the pics and we’ll see you soon! -Jason and Katie … Read more

Puppy Diets: What to Feed Your New Puppy

There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a new family member to your home. Having a new puppy running around the house is such a fun time. Sure they can be a handful, but come on…isn’t it so worth it?! Other than ensuring your new puppy gets all the love it needs to grow, his diet … Read more

Limited Ingredient Diets

Just like people, our four legged friends can have allergies too. Sometimes pet allergies are seasonal, often they can be allergic to dust, flea bites or even grass (poor puppy!). Still other times, your dog may exhibit allergic reactions to the food that they eat. So what is a dog owner to do? You may … Read more

Self-Serve Dog Wash Renderings

Curious of how the tubs are sectioned? This a rendering of our self serve dog wash bays! The finished product will, of course, have gates and pretty finishes 🙂