Gluten in Dogs

Introduction Every once in a while, we have a customer ask us if gluten could be an issue for their dog. While occurrences are rare, it is possible for your dog to have a gluten sensitivity. More often than not, however, the reason the customer asks this question is because they’re considering putting their dog … Read more

Dog Itching Remedies

This is article two in a series on itchy dogs. Previously I covered several common reasons why your dog is always itching. Now that we know some possible causes, let’s look more in-depth at the solutions. If you’re curious why your dog won’t stop scratching and looking for remedies, read on! First, let’s remember that … Read more

Which Ich: My Dog is Always Itching but Doesn’t Have Fleas!

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve probably at one time or another noticed him itching, chewing on his paws or even rubbing up against a fence or a piece of furniture. While occasional scratching is normal – think how often you scratch your nose! – for some people, their pup’s persistent itching is a … Read more